Beginners classes        


We start courses for beginners each Autumn.


We now run classes on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. They last one hour.

The Wednesday class is taught by David Christopher, the Thursday class by Mark Blackwell.

(Note: you must register in advance for these classes. They get full well before the start dates.)


Each week we introduce a new part of the form. Where appropriate we read out stories or translated poems to help bring the imagery to life. We always play through the form as far as we've reached.      


By the following May/June the class can do it all the way through (which takes about 20 minutes).


The unabridged Tai Chi form has great depth and value ... it takes time to absorb it.

We want to enjoy the experience of learning it - there's no reason to hurry.


We don't develop the martial arts side of Tai Chi - if that is your interest then this is not the class for you.

Our focus is on health and happiness!


No special clothing is needed - just comfortable.


The room we use is on the ground floor.


There's no charge the first time you come. After that the fee will be £20 for the autumn term or, if you prefer, £3.00 per class.



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